Monday, November 16, 2009


Released 1994
Label: Anti-Music

Helmet anyone? Following on from the Tragic Yank malfunction comp I thought I would post this. Full album by Bog Blast who do the big riffage Helmet style action. The album (or anything on the Anti-Music label for that matter) seems pretty rare these days, so I thought I would post this. Anyone know much about this band?



thuglifebaldwin said...

they were from detroit and i think members went on to cromwell........dont quote me on that though

Mega-leg said...

Hell yes on the Bog Blast! I just mentioned this album on the post I made of the above mentioned Cromwell. Haven't heard this in years and am excited to check it out again. If anyone is interested in checking out Cromwell go over to the First & Foremost link up, over and to the left. Thank for this and the Tragic Yank Malfunction I requested!

AJ said...

Picked this up at a record store in Grandville, MI for 99 cents.

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