Friday, November 13, 2009

bar-b-q killers - comely

released 1987

i was actually on my way to posting this very album earlier today...until i'd read something that was brought to my attention over in the forum section (which you can read all about here)

i thought this over...and with the help of a one "abbottoirez"...i've decided to post it

but what you need to do is go and take a look at the link i've provided...and you should help out a all goes to a good cause...and if you're like like give and get situations

"abbottoirez" suggested all kinds of things that could get done to folks that don't help out (ie: gonorrhea...jehovah's witnesses)...but i can think of one thing that would trump all of could have the ghost of vocalist laura carter haunt your house...and if you know anything about her...that's all it should take

and for the few of you out there that aren't aware of this band...imagine a band combining all of the good qualities of both scratch acid and the jesus lizard...and this is what you get

DL: comely


Anonymous said...

Very, very nice.
Although, you do make it sound as though having Carter's ghost haunt your home would actually be a bad thing... I don't know about that.

For your enjoyment, here's a photo of one mista Yow sporting a Jack O'Nuts t-shirt while in situ.

Also for your enjoyment, here's another photo of the same mista Yow sporting the same Jack O'Nuts t-shirt, also while in situ.

And here we see Scratch Acid's payday (courtesy of the esteemed mista Wm. Sims' concise book-keeping) from sharing a bill with yon BBQ Killers.
Look to 6/7/86 for the pudding.

And, after all that, I have a question... considering that my comment on this post is the only one thus far, and also considering that you posted this the night before last, according to yer med!af!re account ticker there, how many times has the record been downloaded so far?

Do folks actually think silence would shield them from the ghost of Laura Carter?

Silly rabbits.

By the way, I did download it, and your copy has no skips. Unlike my copy. Ha.

Thanks for going ahead and putting this up. Much Love, Gonorrhea, and Voodoo for all. After I get paid next week, kickstart'll be seeing some cashish coming from my direction.
- th'abbot

Mr. Amsterdamned said...

And a very nice share this is. BTW..Mr Anonymous...I fear you may be haunted already, cuz none of your links actually work. :-)

1009 said...

Totally unfamiliar with this band, but very intrigued after learning the history. Thanks much for the nice rip!

WilliamFlipper said...

Really good stuff.. every post a new breed

Dan "Cluster" said...

Wow, great band!I have "Some Ep" compilation featuring Bar-B-Que Killers, Mercyland, Time Toy and Eat America.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I totally fucked that up... 'nar hotlinky to be worky what?


Here's Time Toy covering BBQ Killers 'His and Hearse' on may 29th of this year.

Oh lawdy.

ipecac said...

this has been up for about 4 days now and it's only been downloaded 95 times

come on people!

you know what...both me and laura carter are going to come haunt some houses

i hope you have everything scotchgarded

Anonymous said...

Nice. I used to own this on cassette. Haven't heard it in many years. Thanks! - D.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could fix this link? Been looking for this for awhile. Thanks

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