Wednesday, February 25, 2009

V/A - Rat Music For Rat People - vol. 1

Label: Go!
Year: 1982

Who's in the mood for some good ole' fashioned hardcore? How about some live versions of first wave hardcore classics? Sound good?
There's a decent chance that while you were piloting your Schmitt Stix Jeff Grosso (Mothra!) through the wilds of your town's surface drainage system, this cassette was rocketing out of those foam headphones from your Sony Walkman. A good chance indeed. Because after all, you weren't quite old enough to catch the original versions of these bands, but through the magic of the mall record store, you have discovered the joys of Keith Morris, Jello Biafra, H.R., Greg Ginn and the rest, secondhand. And boy does this shit light your fuse. I mean, goddamn, where has this been all your young life? Why did your older sister waste your time with Violent Femmes, when all these great bands were just around the corner?! Fuck her, you know? Fuck her, that was shitty of your sister to turn you on to Steve Miller Band when the real action was Black Flag. I'm so pissed at your sister right now, I can't even believe it!
Well, if you can get past your admitted familial issues, and you have any interest in these bands, then please take this compilation skateboarding with you.
Circle Jerks
Bad Brains
Dead Kennedys
Black Flag

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great comp...

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