Wednesday, February 4, 2009

V/A - A Day In The Park

Label: The Now Sound
Year: 1994

For the love of indie rock! Let's all take a deep breath, and step back from the caustic noise of the last few posts to cleanse our palettes with the good-time innocence that was seeping out of every college town in America at the beginning of the last decade. Sloppy, naive, poppy, quirky, catchy, punky, fun music, that somehow reeked with the "earnestness" that indie rockers lived and died by. Good times.
The bands are:

The Dam Builders (Boston)
Archers Of Loaf (Chapel Hill)
Versus (New York City)
Spatula (Chapel Hill)
Unwound (Olympia)
Grifters (Memphis)
Butterglory (Lawrence)
Crayon (Bellingham)
Nothing Painted Blue (Los Angeles)
Small 23 (Chapel Hill)
Diskothi-Q (Inland Empire)
Blaise Pascal (Vancouver)
SPeNT (Jersey City)
Portastatic (Chapel Hill)
Further (Los Angeles)
Refrigerator (Inland Empire)

If you recognize any of these names (and let's be should...if not, go Google "indie rock") then you know what to expect. It's a good record, and not just a nostalgia trip. Go for it.


Kyler said...

Nice post. I did recognize one band. "Archers"

julius orange said...

awesome! i remeber this comp from way back in the day.

cdb said...

I miss this kind of indie rock.

soniklife said...

Any chance you could re-up this?

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