Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thrall - Lifer

Label: Alternative Tentacles
Year: 2003

To follow-up on the God Bullies post from earlier today, here's a record alluded to there that features Mike Hard, the vocalist of God Bullies, along with a cohort from his post-God Bullies band, Hand Over Head. Plus, it's called "Lifer", and I totally called the dudes in God Bullies 
"lifers"...see how I did that? Will the ciiiiiircle, be unbrooooken, by and by Loooord, by aaaand byyyyyy....
So for Thrall this was their third lp (and I think the last one they've put out), and their heaviest as well. The things that were mean, weird, disturbing, and dark about God Bullies have been amplified ten fold here. I mean, what the fuck is going on with bands like this, why are they so damaged? Midwest rage I suppose. But my point is, the music is way meaner than any "metal" band's release, and way more disturbed than the "punks", yet they toil away in the barren wastelands of...Kalamazoo...are there wastelands here?
Anycrap, just give this one a try if you never heard the band, I think you will find it to your liking. If I'm lying, I'm cryin, and there ain't a tear in my eye.


Mega-leg said...

Thank-you-for-this! I'm from MI and yes, there are many rage inducing wastes of land.

peskypesky said...

I've never heard of this band, but I've learned to trust deeply in your impeccable taste....so I'm gonna download this and blast it into my skull.

Badseed said...

Came in for the God Bullies, but couldn't leave without an appraise for this piece of demented noise. One great album!

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