Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gear Jammer - Two Tons Of Chrome 7"

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1990

By request, here's a follow-up to the Halo Of Flies post, the Gear Jammer 7". They had a second 7" called Horespower 2000, but unfortunately I don't have it. This band features Tom Hazelmyer again, from Halo Of Flies and Amphetamine Reptile records, and is rounded out by Bill Hobson from Killdozer and Frank Thorpe from Like Hell. 
If you liked the Halo Of Flies stuff, you'll like this as well as it follows the same trajectory as that band, although more caustic and noisy. It's a really underrated band, but from what I understand Hazelmyer felt this band "failed" because he was trying to continue the Halo Of Flies legacy with two dudes who weren't Halo Of Flies, so it didn't work out. I'm not sure I agree, this might even be better than Halo Of Flies, but that's just me.
If I can track down the other Gear Jammer record I'll post it (hint, hint to anyone out there with it). Also, I don't have any Pogo The Clown  aside from one track on a Dope Guns and Fucking In The Streets compilation...which reminds me, I need to post those just in case folks don't have them.
Anyway, enjoy Gear Jammer.


Anonymous said...

thanks for putting up this great stuff.
i've ripped the dope guns and fucking up your video deck on youtube
check out halo of lifes and other videos

Anonymous said...

Im gonna cjeck this out,i think alot of this amrep stuff got overlooked back in the day there was some really good bands on that label.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one. There is one more track from them on the Screwed C.D.. I think I may have a Killdozer 7" with Hazelmeyer on it.

pinto said...

Thanks. If I ever get around to setting up my turntable to be able to rip MP3's I'll send "Horsepower 2000 your way. Although I personally prefer "Two Tons Of Chrome" You guys rock, keep up the good work.

panzan said...

i out up Horsepower 2000 over on mine. Good excuse to get off my ass and post something again already. Get it here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the AmRep stuff. Speaking of the Screwed soundtrack, does anyone know of or have any Black Light Rainbow?

Anonymous said...

I have a Black Light Rainbow C.D., but the track on Screwed is probably better than anything on that disc. If I can find it, I may try to put a link here.

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