Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the jesus lizard - 10.23.90 - bar bazaar - ft. collins,co

well...come tomorrow it all comes to an end (or does it)

so if you live anywhere near chicago...go and get tight 'n shiny (that's right...i brought it back) with the lizard crew (unless your idea of having a good time on new years is spending it with the reanimated corpse of dick clark...or hoping that the slutty girl at the office will make out with you in the janitor's closet)


and i'm not gonna get all long winded about the band (and i can hear the collective "aw maaaaaaaaan!")

but what i am gonna do is give you yet another jesus lizard show for your collection

and if you do go...tell david wm. sims that SGM sends their regards and that we miss him

apparently the band was approached after the show to do some studio ids for a local college radio station kcsu (which are included here...each member (sans david wm. sims) went into the bathroom with a tape recorder to do them)

1 - intro
2 - one evening
3 - bloody mary
4 - then comes dudley
5 - killer mchann
6 - karpis
7 - sdbj
8 - my own urine
10 - lady shoes intro
11 - lady shoes
12 - (chatter)
13 - chrome
14 - monkey trick
15 - rodeo in joliet
16 - 7 vs 8
17 - tight 'n shiny
18 - seasick
19 - blockbuster
20 - yow intro
21 - yow id 1
22 - yow id 2
23 - duane id 1
23 - duane id 2
23 - mac id

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2


Anonymous said...

Well, Pegboy and Shot Baker are playing at Beat Kitchen tomorrow so oh well.

ipecac said...

there will be 5 people there

i'm calling it now

1009 said...

I'm in Chicago but skipping this one. I'm sure it will be a great show, but $50 is a bit over my limit. Thanks for this old set, though.

ipecac said...

yeah...when i'd seen the ticket price i thought it was kind of high

the prices for the 2 shows they played there last month were about $25

but if i had the money (and were in chicago)...i'd totally go and bring folks with me

1009 said...

I'd definitely be there if I hadn't gone to see both shows last month. I was only planning on seeing the first one, but after Yow fell & busted himself I decided I had to scalp in the next night just to see what happened. Yow singing Puss while seated on a bar stool was priceless.

ipecac said...

he should have a bar stool sewn into his pants

he could play norm is cheers were to ever get brought back to tv

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