Thursday, December 31, 2009

scratch acid

well...the year is coming to a close

the jesus lizard are playing their final show (ever?)...and then music can go right back to the sucking that it's been doing

if you didn't already know...2/4 of scratch acid went onto to form the jesus lizard (david yow/david wm. sims...which was started by guitarist duane denison...he brought in david yow to play some bass on some music he wanted to record...but he suggested they bring in david wm. sims to do so as he wanted to sing)

but that's kind of getting of course

originally...david yow was bass player for the band until original vocalist steve anderson was booted out...they were an instrumental band for a bit...then yow and sims made the switch and carried on until they split up 1987 (they had a tiny reunion tour back in 2006...playing 3 dates in austin,tx/chicago,il/seattle,wa)

but you probably already know all that (at least you should)

and now i give you this:

a 3 song demo with the band's original vocalist (none of the songs are titled)

2 unidentified shows (but if anyone of you out there know anything about them...send a little note)

(if you'd like more info on the stuff in this post...crack open the comments)

show 1:
1 - damned for all time
2 - crazy dan
3 - eyeball/skin drips
4 - mess
5 - albino slug
6 - the greatest gift
7 - mary had a little drug problem
8 - big bone lick

show 2:
1 - mess
2 - albino slug
3 - greatest gift
4 - mary had a little drug problem
5 - cannibal
6 - big bone lick
7 - eyeball
8 - skin drips
9 - damned for all time
10 - crazy dan

DL: early demos
DL: show #1
DL: show #2


Anonymous said...

Duane Denison started Scratch Acid? I don't think so, timmy, as he was busy playing with Randy Turner in Cargo Cult at the time while Brett Bradford was right where he was doing what he did.

Thanks for the live stuff; looking forward to hearing these after the holidays are over and I'm back out of the country and I have have access to my own pc again. As it is, mine died just before the holidays started, but luckily everything's backed up on ye olde external hard drive, including this post's downloads, so I'll finish the Silverfish uploads in the very early new year.

And, hey, thanks for sharing the sound for the last couple years; much appreciated!

- abbottoirez

ipecac said...


duane denison started the jesus lizard

Anonymous said...

Wow, was I drunk; I originally read that as Denison having started Scratch Acid.
My alcoholic bad.

Chris said...

The two shows are different VPRO (Dutch Radio, NL) broadcast versions of the same show @ Paard von Troje in Den Haag on 1986-01-07. Both these shows were seeded with all the pertient info at DIME ( a live music sharing website. Please let whomever you received this stuff from know that as a simple courtesy to the persons that took the time to transfer/share the original lossless files, the least these sources could do is to keep the metadata intact. And the most they could do would be to keep the music lossless plus all the info.

As for the 3 song demo, if it's the same tracking as that provided by the original "sharer" Jim B., Track 1 is an early version of 'The Scale Song' with lyrics. I was told this (or perhaps a better take) was originally to be released on a T&G compilation, but never came to be. Track two consists of early versions of 'Cannibal' and 'Lay Screaming.' Track 3 is just 'Lay Screaming' again.

Steve Anderson appeared in 'Slacker' during the 'throw the typewriter off the bridge' scene.

ipecac said...

abbottoirez...i dig the fact that alcohol put your thong into such a bunch that you had to take it to the're the kind of fella we likes around these parts

chris...oh maaaan...i frequent your jesus lizard site all the time...and i'll tell you what...if you ever want to become a contributor to this blog...there's a seat waiting for you (and it's right next to the snack machine and unisex bathroom)

Anonymous said...

So what is the correct song list for this show?

Anonymous said...

we dont know, the VPRO never broadcasted the whole set. They probably dont have the rest beeing theyve broadcasted twice the same songs in a different mix

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