Thursday, December 31, 2009

rapeman - 7.13.88 - wzrd - chicago,il

and this is what happened after the bands big black and scratch acid split up (i don't think i need to tell you which members ended up i?)

after they broke up (a mere 2 years after their inception) steve albini went on to play in the live version of the band flour before starting shellac...david wm. sims went onto join the jesus lizard...and rey washam went onto play in various other bands (ministry/lard/tad)

and now those of you that didn't know what members were you kind of do...but that's as far as i'm leading you

this was a set they played on a radio station in chicago (in case you didn't already kind of figure that out)

DL: rapeman@wzrd


Earthdog70 said...

Wow-live Rapeman. Thanks!

.michael.philip.okiver.mcneill. said...
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