Thursday, December 31, 2009

the jesus lizard - sho(r)t

released 1996

"i called the cops to shut this shit down..i mean...this shit is too shouldn't get out of control like that"

this was a vhs promo for the SHOT album i'm assuming

you get to see the band play and interact with fans and tell stories about hanging out with the billy corgan and tortoise and whatnot

most of the film's 35 minute length is spent on a show they played at the vic theatre back in april of 1996

1 - thumbscrews
2 - fly on the wall
3 - mailman
4 - destroy before reading
5 - thumper
6 - bloody mary
7 - wheelchair epidemic

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2
(links fixed)


1009 said...

Nice ... downloaded these twice, though, and I keep getting a "damaged content" message. I assume this is not to mean that the JL played a cover of TV Party at this show.

PromQueen said...

I was at this was the album release party for Shot. Six Finger Satellite and Skeleton Key opened. In the video you can see one of my friends getting crushed as Yow jumps into the crowd. Good times.

ipecac said...

well played,1009

though i'd like to think they'd play "gimme gimme gimme"

Mega-leg said...

I've been waiting for an AVI of this forever! My video sits neglected due to a broken VCR. Anyway, I downloaded it and it has no sound. Is this a me issue?

ipecac said...

isn't it always a "me issue"?

but's just you (as far as i know)

monkey in orbit said...

thanks so much for this, been looking for it for ever

no issues with the sound on this side Mega-leg

fritz said...

please, could you re-upload this film? it'd be fabulous if you could.

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