Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Crooked Fingers - Live - Larimer Lounge 04-02-03

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2003

I believe my feelings for Eric Bachmann, and more specifically his old band Archers Of Loaf, have been made clear in this space before. In my humble opinion, the man is the best songwriter operating today...for reals. Fucking guy has an incredible knack for wrapping the gentlest melody in warped distortion, or coat it in a crackling patina. I am constantly going back to songs from his catalog when I need to hear "something good".
So, it was with great anticipation that I set out to see him play a solo gig in Atlanta this past weekend. I even had a couple friends from out of town (who used to live in town, so they were back in town) in tow for the event. As dudes are often wont to do, we met up at a local spot for some pre-game drink and catching up, which then morphed into a heated bocce match (no shit...I won), which dragged on a little longer than anticipated. So, we gather our things (and I leave my credit card) and head to the spot Eric Bachmann is playing. We roll in at 12:20am, certainly "late" by most standards, but we were floored to see Eric Bachmann selling merchandise to the post-show crowd gathered at the rear of the room. What the fuck? 12:20 on a Saturday night and fucking show is over?! Like, we don't even get the chance to yell out our obnoxious requests? Fucking pisser man, fucking pisser.

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