Monday, December 28, 2009

slughog - self-titled 7"/ungodly amounts of meat

self-titled 7" released 1992
ungodly amounts of meat released 1998

once again by zokuchou posting something it reminded me to do so as well

i had originally planned on posting their UNGODLY AMOUNTS OF MEAT album back when i'd made a megapost of bands from new england (as seen here) but for some reason didn't

but here it is...and i've thrown in the SELF-TITLED 7" as a bonus...all wrapped up in a nice little package

and you wanna check out this package

and is it just me...or does their song "monkey fly plane" sound like the surly drunk older brother to the pixies song "monkey gone to heaven"

DL: ungodly amounts of 7" meat

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