Friday, December 4, 2009

jawbox - split w/jawbreaker / your choice live series split w/leatherface

split w/ jawbreaker released 1991
split w/ leatherface released 1995

i'm posting these so i can take the opportunity to remind you folks that the band are going to regroup and play on the LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON show on the 8th of this month (they're going to perform a total of 3 songs...the one that will get televised is "savory"...and the other 2 will be available for download)

it'll be the first time they've played together since splitting up in 1997

there have been mixed reports of the band possibly doing a tour and recording another album (from bassist kim coletta)...but frontman j. robbins has said that none of that will be happening

now if you go back in time and remember me saying that the jesus lizard should be the only band from that time period that should continue touring and releasing an album...i'm going to go against myself and say that jawbox should be added to that list as well

and if you didn't already know...their album FOR YOUR OWN SPECIAL SWEETHEART recently got reissued with the SAVORY +3 EP getting tacked on for good measure (which if you go here you'll see that someone from their camp has totally been reading this blog)

you can also find the above mentioned reissue a few spaces below this

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LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON...december 8th...11:35 cst (or for you other folks...the time slot conan o'brien used to inhabit)

DL: split w/ jawbreaker
DL: split w/ leatherface

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convertido said...

Thanks for this one, I already had the 7" but the split with Leatherface shuold be good. Truth be told, I helped release the 7" split. I both enjoyed and despised that record; folding covers sucks a monkey's ass!

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