Friday, December 4, 2009

melt banana - cell-scape

released 2003

i could be seeing these folks right now...but no...i had to go and spend money on tickets to go and see young widows (who didn't even show up...their van saw to that)

they're currently on tour with themselves

"how could that be?" you could be asking yourself see...they're also playing part of their set under the moniker of melt banana lite...which is essentially still melt banana...just with synths and samplers taking the place of the guitar (which can be heard on their new album MELT BANANA LITE LIVE VERSION 0.0)

on this album...the band stretch out beyond their usual short blasts and become a little more accessible sounding

and there's just something about the bass and guitar play at the beginning of the song "shield your eyes,a beast in the well of your hand" just gets you pumped up

all of the drums were performed by a drum machine (though there's been some speculation that sometime touring drummer dave witte played on the album in some spots)

so join me in the drinking of the laced kool-aid...

DL: cell-scape
(link fixed)


zokuchou said...

Is that for real? When I saw them recently they started out as "Melt Banana Lite" but then stopped after 15-20 mins and then the bass player appeared, electronics removed and then the show continued as "Melt Banana".

Anonymous said...

that was quick, removed from mediafire already

kingpossum said...

Hey zokuchou, that's what they did at the Troubadour this week too. Blasted the signal generators and effects pedals for about 20 minutes then plugged in the guitars. Monster.

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