Friday, December 4, 2009

the dead milkmen - if i had a gun

released 1992

"takin' retards to the zoo"
"punk rock girl"
"bitchin' camaro"

i'm assuming that you've heard of those songs

you in the back wearing the offspring t-shirt...i'm telling you now...before you're burned alive...i'd exit through that door over there

sorry folks...i don't know how that person got in here...i suppose if anyone can crash a white house party...i guess anyone can make it into the SGM offices

now...back to the business at hand

take nofx...and mix it with what the vandals would become later on in their career...and you have the dead milkmen

but totally in a good way

i remember listening to the radio back in the day...and the dj played a little ditty called "the best thanksgiving ever" (which lead into the song "bitchin' camaro) from this very album...and i just so happened to tape it off the radio...and i was hooked...and i then spent multiple hours scanning multiple music stores and pawn shops for this album (though i didn't know the title of it at the time)

then i eventually lost the tape and forgot about it and went on living my life

but for some reason...the above mentioned song snuck it's way into my head...and i then took to the internets to look for it

and to make a not so long story it is

DL: if i had a gun

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