Wednesday, September 13, 2017

v/a - punk university vol. 1

label: oglio records
released: 1994

you'll probably take a look at the track listing and find yourself wondering "hey. where are black flag? where are the dead kennedys? where are minor threat? where are the misfits? why am i thinking in alphabetical order?".

well. all i can say is that they were all scheduled to be involved in the festivities but now they're on some sort of double secret probation for whatever reason. when we contacted the dean's orifice they had a prepared statement at the ready:

"today's new batch of alternative rock bands learned from some of the most innovative artists of the modern era-punks. the school these new musicians attended was PUNK UNIVERSITY; no text books,no homework,just a drive to express themselves with guitars and passionate vocals. their teachers include 999,the buzzcocks,fear,the ramones,iggy pop and suicidal tendencies.

the next time you tune in your favorite rock radio station,remember where the bands you hear today learned their craft. PUNK UNIVERSITY."

so yeah.
punk u,maaaaaaan.

1 - suicidal tendencies - institutionalized
2 - buzzcocks - orgasm addict
3 - 999 - homicide
4 - the ramones - beat on the brat
5 - vandals - ladykiller
6 - adolescents - amoeba
7 - circle jerks - wild in the streets
8 - red kross - annette's got the hits
9 - x - los angeles
10 - fear - new york is alright if you like saxophones
11 - iggy pop - lust for life
12 - killing joke - eighties


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