Wednesday, September 13, 2017

deadfood - weird feelings

label: self-released
year: 2000

this was something that i'd totally forgotten about. i'd been digging through my cds and came across it. i remember coming across an interview with the band in some random zine i'd had and they'd sounded right up my alley. so i sent off for this cd. that was back in 2000. and now it's been unearthed. found betwixt a brutal truth album (SOUNDS OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM) and a sugartooth album (THE SOUNDS OF SOLID).

"none of that makes sense. i just don't....uh...."

i'd been digging through some crap in some random boxes and found some cds that i'd thought were long gone.

and then i'd found a candy bar in between my bed and the wall that i'd thought was gone as well.

it's been a good couple of days.

but you're not here for a candy bar,are you?
it was a 3 musketeers.
and it's gone.

did you like what mr. bungle was doing on their first album?
do you like early OldLadyDrivers?*
well then.
this is all for you,consumer of such things.
*=they cover the band's "colostomy grab bag".

the candy bar is gone.
don't come over here.


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