Tuesday, September 12, 2017

kabul golf club - le bal du rat mort

label: uproar for veneration
released: 2012

you like the at the drive in,yeah?
you like the blood brothers,yeah?
you like the fugazi,yeah?
you like the refused,yeah?

this is what would happen if'n you were to be staying at a motel and you'd been trying to get some sleep and the occupants in the next room were raising some kind of unholy ruckus and it had been going on for hours and all you want to do is sleep because it's 3:00am and do you really need an excuse for wanting to sleep? fuck you,dear. you're in this motel room because you just want some peace and quiet and if you want to watch tv naked while eating fast food you can because there's no one there to stop you. but now you just want some fucking sleep and you're not getting that sleep because there's something going on in the next room. you've had it. you don't even bother getting dressed. you just walk on over to that door and you fucking pound on it. and you pound on it. and you pound on it some more. and then you hear the doorknob move and you take a few steps back. you've got all of the angry words you're going to scream planned out inside your head. and then the door opens.....

it's fugazi's IN ON THE KILL TAKER.
and you catch a quick glimpse of the scenery behind it.
on the bed.
it's the blood brothers' BURN,PIANO ISLAND,BURN and refused's THE SHAPE OF PUNK TO COME and at the drive in's RELATIONSHIP OF COMMAND.

and then suddenly all of the angry words fall away.
and you just stand there.
everyone is looking back at you.
and you just stand there.
head spinning.
and suddenly the door is left wide open and everyone is back on the bed.
and you're just standing there.
"last chance for a slow dance."

fast forward to a week later.
you're sitting on the exam table waiting for the doctor to come in.
you can probably explain away the rash.
but what about the pregnancy?



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