Monday, September 11, 2017

v/a - black light special: developing artists sampler

released: 1993

this is one of those "promotion only. not for sale." deals.
there are various labels involved.
none of which will be mentioned here as it doesn't really matter.
just know that you probably like some bands on those labels.

and yes. the goo goo dolls are on here. twice. i'm not going to make up any kind of an excuse as to why they're here. but once upon a time they had a more "punk rock" sound kinda sorta similar to the replacements (paul westerberg even co-wrote a song with them). and that's all i'm going to say about them.

and to clear up any questions: i've never been a fan. never ever.

as for everything else....
there's a little something there for everyone.
just look.
and that skip button is there on your stereo for a reason.

1 - goo goo dolls - we are the normal
2 - goo goo dolls - girl right next to me
3 - belly - feed the tree
4 - belly - gepetto
5 - dinosaur jr. - start choppin'
6 - dinosaur jr. - out there
7 - pure - blast
8 - bash & pop - loose ends
9 - saint etienne - you're in a bad way
10 - mudhoney - blinding sun
11 - the judybats - being simple


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