Monday, September 11, 2017

the denison/kimball trio - walls in the city

label: skin graft records
released: 1994

it's duane denison.
it's jim kimball.

and now i'll make mention of the lineage of these fellas:
the jesus lizard
laughing hyenas

duane denison plays the guitar as per usual.
jim kimball plays the drums and percussive instruments as per usual.

this is the score to a short film called WALLS IN THE CITY.
i'm thinking that you've already made that assumption.
good job.
it also provides a good accompaniment to your naked journeys around the house when you're left alone at home.
or so i've heard.
also: never fry bacon naked.
or so i've heard.
though this provides a good accompaniment to that as well.
or so i've heard.


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