Monday, September 11, 2017

miracle legion - drenched

label: morgan creek records
released: 1992

if you're the sort that identifies as one of those "90s kids" then you're probably well aware of the television show THE ADVENTURES OF PETE & PETE. i can honestly say that i've only ever seen an episode here and there. it was one of those shows that i'd only watch if'n i were to be flipping through the channels and it would be on. and sometimes i actually wished that it were on. confused? as am i. they were confusing times. but i've seen enough of them to know that i could be all like "hey,bro. you know that one show? yeah. that one show. that PETE & PETE show. did you know that so and so were on it?" at a party. yeah. me at a party around other people. it's happened. a sign of the apocalypse? maybe. i'd be honored to contribute just so i could have a demon show up at my door and say "we'd like to thank you for your help in all of this. here's a commemorative t-shirt." and it would be the most awsomest t-shirt that i'd ever seen. i wouldn't be able to take my eyes off of it. it's fucking beautiful. and then the demon would help me put it on. and then it would stand back and i'd be all like "how does it look?" and it'll be all like "it'll do.". and then by the time i get out "it'll do for wha-" everything will go all black and then i'll hear the demon say "got another shrimp for the barbie." and i'll suddenly be falling. i'll be falling for a long time. you know that one scene from BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY where they're just falling and falling and falling etc etc etc? it'll be just like that. but when i go to look down at the t-shirt it's no longer that fucking sweet t-shirt that i'd seen. nope. it'll be a NELSON WORLD TOUR '91 t-shirt. and it'll be autographed. well played,satan.

but i digress....

janeane gorofalo was on the show.
michael stipe was on the show.
debbie harry was on the show.
luscious jackson were on the show.
kate pierson was on the show.
juliana hatfield was on the show.


and then there was this band called polaris.
they played the show's theme song.
they were the show's "house band" and whatnot.
this is that band.
polaris are miracle legion.
miracle legion are polaris.

i can honestly say that before i'd come across them on the soundtrack for the movie A MATTER OF DEGREES i'd never heard of them (if'n you're interested in giving that a listen). the songs they've got on there are ok enough. and they covered mission of burma. so there's that. the other day i found myself in a goodwill looking through their used cd selection and came across this here album. so of course i bought it. and when i got it home and introduced it to everyone else it seemed to get along with everyone. well. almost everyone. there were the slayer albums that had something to say because of course they did. they're slayer and they don't seem to like anyone that isn't slayer. and sometimes some that are. but that's another story for another time. so i placed it into the stereo and pressed play. and then i started hearing the replacements. and then i started hearing some r.e.m. and then there was a little radiohead....

and now we've come to the part of the show where you decide what you hear.
don't worry.
it's going to be fun.
and while i've got you here can i interest you in a NELSON WORLD TOUR '91 t-shirt?
it's autographed.


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