Thursday, September 7, 2017

warrior soul - drugs,god and the new republic

label: DGC
released: 1991

this was something one of my teachers back in high school turned me onto. he had this system where if you were to get the proper grading on one of his assignments he'd let you pick a tape from the closet in the corner. this closet was always locked. kids,man. you just can't seem to trust them. what he'd do is make multiple recordings of the cds he'd had at home and them bring them to the closet. he had quite the setup at home. once during the summer and then friend and i (who were members of the chess team. yes. the teacher just so happened to be the chess coach as well. yes. i was on the chess team.) took a job working for him. we'd go to his house and clean up after his dogs. he had 2 of them. they were huge. he'd pay us in the form of a $10 bill and we could bring in blank cassette tapes and he'd record anything we'd like. the way he had things set up he was able to record more than 1 tape at a time. it was fancy. ah,high school. the stories i could tell. but i'm not going to.

warrior soul.
this is the only album i've heard by them.
and i'm ok with that.
they pretty much sound like every other "hard rock" band from back then.
and honestly i don't really listen this album all that much.
it's just something that i bring out every so often just because of nostalgia and all that.
there's some ok stuff on here though.
there's a joy division cover.
and i think that's all that i really have to say about this.

1 high school story.....

we were able to leave campus for lunch. there was a taco bell and a baskin-robbins and a corner store that people would go to that had snacks and whatnot nearby. sometimes i would end up at the pool hall. i'm not really sure why. i didn't really hangout with anyone back then. i never ate while i was there. i spent my lunches hanging out with a coke and a bag of m&ms most times. they were fun. they got me. and they never seemed to care that i was consuming them. the pool hall was the kind of place that you could show up during one lunch period and stay for the others. the owner didn't seem to care as long as you didn't make a spectacle of yourself. on this particular day i was hanging out in there for a second lunch period because i was waiting for the comic book store down the street to open. yeah. i skipped school. the owner of the comic book store didn't seem to care either just as long as i stayed out of front window. so i'm killing time at the pool hall. talking to random folks here and there. i was standing along the wall when an argument broke out between 2 people. this sort of thing happened in there all the time. it never got beyond the yelling stage (well. any of the times i'd been in there.). so i'm standing there and the 2 guys were talking loudly and finger pointing and whatnot. and then one of them hit the other. a small crowd formed so of course i had to wander over to see what was going on. the guy standing was yelling at the guy on the floor. "get up! blah blah blah." apparently he wasn't moving fast enough so the other guy took a few steps back and cracked him across the face with a boot. you know that sound when you're eating a chicken and you pull the bones apart? that sound. but louder. people were standing there trying to stop the guy from doing anything else. there was blood all over the floor. and that was my cue to get the hell outta there. i'd gotten about 2 blocks away when i'd heard the sirens. the pool hall is a photography studio nowadays. things are always changin'. now go and get grampa a soda.


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Christopher Blosser said...

Killer album, though I still prefer their first "Last Decade, Dead Century". Subsequent albums are hit or miss but each has some good tracks to offer.

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