Thursday, November 17, 2016

USA Nails - No Pleasure

Label: Bigout / Smalltown America
Year: 2016

I think that technically this was released in 2015, in November, but it was in a run of 100 records or something on obscure labels, so you'll please excuse me in advance when this one shows up on my Top (unknown quantity) Of 2016 list in a month (assuming my laziness can be overcome to pull together a list [of unknown quantity or otherwise]). A label like Riot Season should be looking at this band...but that's just me. And regardless, they re-released it this year on February 3rd, so I'm counting it as a 2016 banger!
A banger for reals.
Despite the false advertising of "USA" in their chosen moniker, this band is in fact from London, England (albeit a former colony of the United States I believe). Which you can hear in their approach. As many English bands are prone to do, there's a faint whisper of The Fall playing in the background of these songs. A motorik bastardization of a pop song that will be stretched and driven (hard) into memory. Even at their most caustic, they have a bounce hidden in the feedback. The same sort of sneaky harmony that Mclusky would weave into their songs (by the by there's a Future Of The Left alumni in USA, or even Ikara Colt to some degree. Regardless of comparisons, the songs truly do offer a griping listen (preferably a loud listen). It's sharp without being overwrought, it's visceral without being dunderhead-ed, and it's textured without being busy.
The more I dig in the more I dig out.
Highly recommended.


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