Friday, October 14, 2016

v/a - kamikaze: music to push you over the edge

label: continuum records
released: 1995

"extreme music for radical sports"
"the ultimate heavy metal exercise tape"

and you know that those above statements just have to true,yeah?
why else would that be stated plainly on the cover for everyone to see if it weren't.

it's got everything to satisfy your extreme needs....
fudge tunnel
into another
kid rock

so press "play" and slam some of that extreme blue and get gnarly,bro.
but you'd better hurry up.
your parents will be home soon.

1 - inch - i'm the cat
2 - heatmiser - stray
3 - stanford prison experiment - super monkey
4 - fear is fatal - rescue me
5 - fudge tunnel - grey
6 - skatenigs - regret
7 - the pleasure elite - media feed
8 - wargasm - wasteland
9 - the beyond - sacred garden
10 - kid rock - i am the bullgod
11 - eleven - crash today
12 - into another - poison fingers



julius orange said...

what a weird group of bands. Kid rock does not seem to fit here but what do i know.
Inch was a great San Diego band too!

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