Saturday, October 15, 2016

Batpiss -Nuclear Winter

Label: Every Night Is A Saturday Night
Year: 2013

You'll be excused if your first thoughts upon hearing the band name and album title are that they must be a pretty sweet retro-thrash party band. I get it. Retro-thrash party bands are a dime a dozen these days.
But, shouldn't you have more faith in me (the actual "me", not the royal "we"...Ipecac has posted one too many Judgement Night cassingles for unfettered faith. Gotta earn that shit back) to not subject you to some pedestrian-ass joke metal? Have I ever led you astray? Seriously? Think about it!
No way.
Batpiss aren't retro-thrash party metal. They're not metal in the least. Not "thrashy" at all. They possibly party. Or, probably party. They are Australian, and Australians seem to have the peddle to the metal at most times. So, let's assume they party. You could make an argument they are retro, if the retro in question was more 1992 than 1987. There is no Exodus influence to be found, but you could hear some Guzzard, some Jonestown, some Hammerhead, and some Mudhoney. No disrespect to Exodus, but I'd much rather draw from that scuzzy, free-wheeling rock-n-roll well of Amphetamine Reptile and SubPop than some toxic waltz cheese (was Exodus the "Toxic Waltz" band? I would ask Ricki Rachtman, but, I don't know how to get in touch). That's my opinion anyway. But I tend to favor hazy grunge over heavy metal.
Now, if we could only get Ipecac to promise no more rap-metal...


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Anonymous said...

yes this band is decent. have you heard bone:

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