Sunday, October 9, 2016

scrotum grinder - the greatest sonic abomination ever

label: prank
released: 2001

some of you may remember me mentioning the fact that i'd lived in florida for a time during the early part of the 00s.
it was in a town just outside of tampa called brandon.
there really wasn't all that much to do there.
if'n you were to ever have to look for me you'd be able to catch me at either the barnes & noble or this one music store that i can't seem to remember the name or this record store called sound idea (which was conveniently located right down the street from me).

fun fact: the owner of sound idea was also the vocals guy for a band called murder-suicide pact. he'd also had a label called burrito records. he also wrote a book.

and whenever i had a spare dollar i'd always go into the sound idea.
i'd discovered a few bands whilst perusing the racks.
and this was one of them.
i'd never heard of the band prior to purchasing this album.
truth be told i'd bought it for the band's name alone.
i'd ended up buying this album on both cd and vinyl.
that's why.

they weren't together for all that long.
they'd released this and an ep and a split with fellow floridians combatwoundedveteran.

they have links to bands with names like:
memento mori
failure face
no statik

but enough with all of that.
if you dig bands like kill the man who questions or early kylesa or guyana punch line or robot has werewolf hand or the already mentioned combatwoundedveteran....
that is if you've even heard of any of them.
you have?
wanna get together and hangout sometime or something?
don't worry.
my parents will be there the entire time.
they're legally obligated to not leave me at home alone anymore.

and if'n this sort of thing interests you....
there's a slapshot cover.


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