Sunday, October 9, 2016

buzzov*en - 8.8.98 - fireside bowl - chicago,il

i'm a native illinois-ian.
and it took me leaving the state to attend a show at the fireside bowl.
i'd been living in south dakota at the time and was visiting a friend that lived in chicago.
prior to the show i'd lived about an hour and a half away from the fireside.
but no.
i waited until i was living 706 miles away.


the year was 2004.
i'd went to go and see the bands:
american heritage
burnt by the sun

and in case you're interested....
i'd also went to the bottom lounge and saw make believe/need new body/hella during that trip.
it was also the one that had the better turn out.
there was barely anyone at the fireside bowl show.
i don't know.
i didn't take a headcount.
but i was the only one there with a girl.
me: 1.
everyone else: nothing.

1 - intro/at a loss
2 - a lack of
3 - kakkila
4 - flow
5 - red/green*
6 - junkie**
7 - don't bring me down***
8 - splinter my eye
9 - to frown/outro
*=big boys cover
**=instrumental lynyrd skynyrd cover
***=ELO cover



Yakui the Ninth said...

Thanks for this\\\\\ buzzoven stuff is super rare!

Anonymous said...

Ah great, had the bootleg for forever, but without track names, and couldn't figure out all of them. Now the mystery is solved. Thanks!
(btw: you missed 09 - Broken in the list).

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