Sunday, September 25, 2016

helmet/house of pain - just another victim

label: epic
released: 1993

you remember the movie JUDGEMENT NIGHT,yeah?
that movie that finally did something right by pairing up denis leary and emilio estevez.

and then there was the soundtrack.
even better with the pairings:
slayer and ice-t
faith no more and boo-ya t.r.i.b.e.
dinosaur jr and del the funky homosapien
sonic youth and cypress hill
mudhoney and sir mix-a-l-ot

and then there was the helmet and the house of pain.
they opened up the soundtrack and you knew what you were in for.
1 of  11 reason to own the soundtrack.
they brought a gun too so you'll never come to.
you're just another victim,kid.

this is one of those promo things that folks in the radio biz got their hands on.
it's the actual song along with 3 remixes and an instrumental version.
so yeah.
you can either be page hamilton or everlast or both.
get excited.
but not overly excited like jeremy piven thinking he'd struck a deal with denis leary.
we all know what happened there.
don't give me that look of confusion.
you've seen the movie.
we all have.
it's ok to admit to it.
but you watching naked....
not so much.



Anonymous said...

Have you got the full Judgment Night soundtrack?

Anonymous said...

You can find the full one here

Gray said...

Ugh. This is a concept that was horrendous then, and has aged like the festering turd it is.
Four thumbs down!

Tore Nielsen said...

I like it lots. 'Cos I'm gifted, I read Sun Tzu.

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