Sunday, September 25, 2016

quicksand - 8.14.16 - wrecking ball - atlanta,ga

you know about the quicksand.
you love the quicksand.
you agree that SLIP is one of the best things ever allowed through your earholes.

and this is quicksand being quicksand in front of a large group of people on the date mentioned above at a shindig that went down at the masquerade in that place mentioned above.

and if'n you're really wanting to know some wrecking ball stories....
just let grAy corner you anywhere.
the bathroom isn't even off limits.

but you didn't come here to read words about the music.
you came here to hear music about the music.

1 - fazer
2 - too official
3 - head to wall
4 - unfulfilled
5 - brown gargantuan
6 - freezing process
7 - lie and wait
8 - delusional
9 - clean slate
10 - omission
11 - shovel
12 - thorn in my side
13 - dine alone
14 - landmine spring


1 comment:

julius orange said...

100% right. Slip is one of the rare absolutely perfect albums.

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