Monday, September 26, 2016

Pretty Please - Acedia

Label: self released
Year: 2016

100% grunge time machine. In fact, so much so that they actually cover Sonic Youth's authentic grunge song 100%. 100% correctly too.
Fuzzy guitar warmth wrapped around punky pop songs with a laconic sludge underpinning. Remember? It's a winning recipe, no doubt. Empires rose and fell to the murky sounds!
If you can remember Verbena, or the first Superdrag record, or earlier Gumball, a band like Hurl, or this one band who's name excapes me, but they had an album called "Bleach" (pretty good band actually), then this band will appeal to you.
Not that it's a total nostalgia trip...but it's a pretty good nostalgia trip if you're of a certain age and demographic.
Very much recommended no matter your age, so long as you can admit to allowing melody in your messy rock music. If so, then cool. We cool. This is cool.


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