Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kill Life w/ Dwid - Snake Kills Entire Family 7"

Label: Magic Bullet
Year: 2012

How was your day today? Good? Productive?
I'm glad.
My day was more stressful than it needed to be, and I lasted longer than it should (not trying to get all into space/time continuum shit...I know that 24 hours is 24 hours...). So, on my way home from work I wanted somebody to yell into my ear at a high volume over top of some noisy, crusty hardcore.
You know's real good at yelling? Dwid. Dwid is really good at it. So, he did. He yelled in my ear for all of four minutes or so. Whatever the length of these three dark, weird, blisters.
The band may or may not be members of Integrity (besides Dwid), Pulling Teeth, Magrudergrind, Fucked Up, Leaf Hound and Throwing Up.


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