Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fugazi - Live Athens, GA, 40 Watt - 02-19-93

Label: bootleg
Year: 1993

Brief history lesson: a few months ago I posted the sister show to this one, the show from the preceding evening in 1993. You may find that here.
Less brief history lesson: this show, and the accompanying one, were real game changers to me...which is important to you...probably. They demonstrated a band emerging from what I (and it appears, only I) considered a lull in their career, with such ferocity and controlled chaos that I was left to reconsider my previous opinions of what a band "can" and "could" do, if given the time and space to do so. In an era of awkward post-hardcore missteps by lots of bands, Fugazi managed to build on one of the strongest legacies in all of underground music, and challenge their listeners to evolve with them or risk missing out on some really, really good shit. It was a "eye opener" if you catch my drift. And I pride myself on some fairly heavy duty tunnel, I need a good eye opener every now and then. I should have never doubted Fugazi, that one's on me, but I did and it took a pair of performances so drum tight and invigorating that I would never make that mistake again.

I was just asked at work, "Gray, what's your favorite Fugazi record?" (literally...that question was literally asked of me on Thursday of last luckily I work with a guy who happens to share a lot of my own impeccable musical tastes...seriously), to which I answered without flinching, "In On The Killtaker, no diggity". Which is my honest answer (no diggity), and that's because of the show linked in this very post. Fugazi lit a fucking fire under me those two nights, and I'll never forget them...or the burrito I had before the show, which also may have contributed to the fire

DL - part 1
DL - part 2


Anonymous said...

were these the back to back shows with shudder to think opening up? they were quite good. probably the best ones i had seen from the myriad of fugazi shows. also i remember having a mild freakout meeting mark sullivan of kingface at this show, who was roadie-ing for them at the time. not to mention how incredible shudder to think was around this era. excellent excellent shows. i was that tall guy up front blocking your view. love, phil.

Gray said...

Yeah, the two night stand. I think Shudder To Think opened this show and Superchunk and Unrest opened the first night. Or vice versa

Anonymous said...

you may be correct!
if memory serves, they did 2 shows in atlanta with shudder, then 2 shows in athens, one with shudder and one with superchunk unrest?

or maybe im thinking of a different tour? although i can't imagine them doubling up shows on multiple tours. anyway, who gives a shit anyway, we are old and we saw amazing things!

love, phil.

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