Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nervous - Duration + Delusion

Label: Twelve Gauge / Turbulent
Year: 2015

Here, try this. I just heard it myself, and liked it. Thought it had a lot of what gets me going.
The band is from Oakland, and you can sort of hear ghosts-of-East-Bay-past in their sound, most pronounced being Dead And Gone and the darkened warped lens through which they rendered hardcore. But along side that nod to the past, I also hear contemporary sounds like KEN Mode (which, yeah, I guess that's also a nod to the past in a way, huh?), with some muscular drive and bellowing vocals.
It's mostly full tilt assault going straight at you, but what makes it interesting is when they color their songs by letting off the gas pedal a bit in order to build back up, or allow for some breathing room. That's the part that I hear Dead And Gone in, these vaguely death rock interludes that gallop along between the noisy roar. Maybe I'm hearing a very little bit of the turn of the century Escape Artist Records styled noise core bands? Maybe?
Still digging into the album, but from where I'm sitting (my fat ass) it's going to be a rewarding band to follow. Try it.


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