Thursday, January 7, 2016

Engine Kid - Heater Sweats Nails 7"

Label: Troubleman
Year: 1995

Side A: Engine Kid rips your face off, shits in your child's crib, and drinks your last cold beer before running out the back door and into the woods not to be heard from again for some time. Oppressively heavy, brutal, and mean, this is what they sounded like live, the guitars were turned to "annihilate", and that they do.
Side B: Engine Kid returns to your home to apologize, clean up they mess they made, and restock your fridge with a sixer of smooth, crisp, barley pops. An instrumental that could have been a long lost Slint slow jam.

* originally posted 07-10-11, reposted 01-07-16


1 comment:

Peter Tron said...

i downloaded this largely on the basis of your first sentence...pissed myself laughing!

i also happen to like engine king aswell, which doesn't hurt.

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