Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fugazi - Noize Bleed! 7"

Label: bootleg
Year: 1991

Two Fugazi songs recorded live in August, 1991. Nothing more need be said.

But, since we have this time together, and it's related, has everyone else seen the Salad Days documentary? I just got around to it last week, and while I was very excited going in, I felt pretty underwhelmed on the backside. Somehow a subject matter that I am far too excited by was treated flat and without personality, which is a pretty miraculous feat in and of itself since the Washington D.C. punk/hardcore/post hardcore scene has been populated with some of the most entertaining and provocative people of any other music scene ever. And speaking of, where was Ian Svenonius in all this?! That guy can't seem to get enough of hearing himself talk, yet he's conspicuously absent from the movie, which might be better for my sanity to not have to hear his pseudo-revolutionary culture jamming speak, but it did seem like a big hole to leave out. For however you think Nation Of Ulysses has aged, they had a big impact and were certainly important to the evolution of this particular style of music. And nobody could wrangle Guy? Is he that averse to looking back in time that he could not be lured in front of the camera to give his take? Also, what exactly do you think Ian Mackaye does between retrospective interviews? Or, is that his current full time occupation? Not to discount his perspective, or diminish his role in the whole shebang (one could argue he's the lynchpin in the whole D.C. scene [I mean, if you don't count Ken Olden of course]), but he must be the most well quoted figure in all of hardcore history. There was an under representation of not only Swiz, but Jason Farrell as well, would have liked to have heard more from him and his projects.
I don't exactly know how the movie could have been "better", and I understand that they were trying to avoid retreading the same ground that was in American Hardcore, or even the Fugazi documentary, but something about the organization and presentation of Salad Days left me unsatisfied. I was sorta bummed. At least they talked (however briefly) about how radical Void was. That part was awesome.


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Anonymous said...

I have not seen the Salad Days doc. Despite reading SGM for a minute I couldn't tell you anything about Fugazi. My DC knowledge has always been limited to Jawbox and Bad Brains. My poser ass had to acknowledge such a well written post though. Happy New Year, bruh.

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