Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Iceburn - Moon b/w Brew #9 7"

Label: Art Monk Construction
Year: 1994

Question: Why do I have three copies of this 7" in my possession? Seriously.
Probably doesn't matter though, it's not as if they will be paying my children's future college tuition or anything (assuming my wild ass kids can get into any sort of college, that is). I'm pretty sure the $2.00 price tag on one of those three editions is about as much as I can get for it on the open market. Which is weird though, because Iceburn slays super hard...even when they get all jazzy and proggy and all that shit. They still slay super hard.
Only two songs here; one is part of the "Joseph Smith Sessions" (if you don't know what they were...well, I'm not going to tell you), the other is a live piece from a 1993 hometown Salt Lake City show. Both tracks start abruptly, and you may think I fucked up the transfer from record to digital, but I promise, that's just how they start.
Put it this way, in the insert they thank "Miles Davis and Justin Broadrick for various reasons". That sums Iceburn up at this point in their lifespan. Before they added The Collective into the mix, but after they tempered some of the overwhelming post hardcore whallop of the 'Firon' lp. It fits.
Also worth noting that there is a member of Insight on this record, a piece of trivia that I love.


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