Friday, October 16, 2015

Chang Ffos - Trust This Arcane Device

Label: Moonlee
Year: 2006

Fucking busy ass last couple of days has kept the blogging on the backburner (but not you, the readers...the readers are always first and foremost in my mind).
So today we have a quick one, and one that's slightly off the beaten path (of this place anyway), as it's more "metal" than our usual faire, but c'mon...grow a pair. You can do this.
Take mid-period Neurosis, and add in some destructo-rock akin to Black Elk, and a little sludgy stoner-ness like Black Cobra and, viola, Chang Ffos. Except, they are from Croatia. Which you would never know. All you will be concerned with is the mountainous pulverization that they wield across this 9 song brow beating. Low end hellhammer.
Mastered by Steve Austin of Today Is The Day.
Good Friday listening after sitting in a three hour meeting. Or whatever it is you do on a Friday.



Edward McLean said...

>(but not you, the readers...the readers are always first and foremost in my mind).

This brought me unexpected feels. It sucks to see you making almost daily posts with only a rare comment every once in a while.

Or maybe I'm just being patronizing dick.

The album you posted is pretty nice. I don't have much doom in my diet (except for some funeral doom), so this probably my first sludge record. It's always seemed strange to me to describe things like this as 'doom' which I usually associate with band that might play a note every few seconds.

The groove on this shit is nice, the vocals really don't stand out to me, but I could see me playing this again just for that guitar tone.

Anonymous said...

I always say "hail gray" but he always deletes it.

Anonymous said...

there's even some COLOSSAMITE thrown in the mix - love this!

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