Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bedhead - Transaction de Novo

Label: Trance Syndicate
Year: 1998

Hazy and deliberate. Restrained and direct. Gorgeous and effortless.
Matt Kadane from Silkworm plays guitar and sings on this one (to continue our post-Silkworm converstation [one sided as it was] from the Bottomless Pit post below). Tench Coxe from the old Texas band End Over End (not the hardcore band from who started out as just The End, also plays guitar. And the other Kadane family member in Bedhead, Bubba (assuming that's not his Christian name, although, maybe it is...we can hope) put out a few records on Touch and Go with Matt Kadane as The New Year. Keeping it in the family. Like incest.
Recorded by Steve Albini, and given slightly more "umph" than previous Bedhead records (therefore making it feel more balanced and consequently my favorite of their discography). It was also their last album release.


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