Monday, October 19, 2015

Eighteen Wheels Burning - Tweak'd Out, Strung Up and Redlined

Label: Meteor City
Year: 2008

More unrepentant rock n roll bluster, that shall go about starting your week with nary a repentance in sight. And what would you be repenting for anyway? Or more importantly, to whom are you repenting?
Just don't do it. Ride hard straight into the sunset leaving a wake of mayhem and jealousy as your signature.
This band isn't trying to impress you or your friends. In fact, I would wager to guess that they think you guys all party like a bunch of amateur sorority girls, with your fancy beers and novelty beards and glasses and hair cuts and bullshit. You and your boys aren't coming close to achieving your full potential. For example, it's Monday morning, and Eighteen Wheels Burning are about to START their weekend. What the fuck are you doing? Working? Lame, man. Super fucking lame. Holler at me when you're ready to get serious about getting serious.
Eighteen Wheels Burning is 2/3 of the woefully underrated The Want, and if you liked their Humble Pie boogie jams, then you'll like these too. Kicked up a bit more than The Want, they get into a swinging fuzz groove, not unlike Nebula. It's a proto-punk swagger welded onto a desert rock low ride.
Quit pussy-footing around and handle your fucking business.


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