Monday, August 3, 2015

V/A - Magic Bullet Sampler - vol. 2

Label: Magic Bullet
Year: 2015

Magic Bullet has been quietly carving out an interesting niche over the past 18 years, releasing a slew of offbeat records and carefully curated volumes from bands who have defined their chosen genres. They once leaned heavily on late 90's scream bands, but have since (always, really) broadened their scope to include all manner of heavy (and not so heavy) music. Three cheers all around to a great label still fighting the good fight. Peep this compilation, and then o pick up your favorites off it (my vote goes to Meatwound and Wailin Storms, but don't let me sway your judgment).

Sweet Cobra - a house favorite here at the ole blog, super catchy, driving, heavy noise rock. This band has yet to disappoint
NY In 64 - some mid-90's post hardcore emo feel, has teeth but no tongue (instrumental). Members of East Of the Wall and You and I.
Meatwound - reason enough to download...stop, drop and roll. Burly as fuck noise rock.
Bleach Everything - straight forward hardcore ripping. If it ain't broke...
Wormwood - throw a towel over your head, and have your friend wail away with a baseball bat in a slow, rhythmic fashion. Half of the band Doomriders.
Ancient VVisdom - hmmmm...well, you can't win 'em all.
Harmonic Cross - some of the same dudes from the aforementioned Bleach Everything, this time going the opposite direction into shapeless ambiance.
Brother Dege - somber blues folk, less Robert Johnson more Dax Riggs. 
Ides Of Gemini - dreamy dark disturbances.
Wailin Storms - this band is an unexpected revelation, death rock with gusto, they channel Samhain, Christian Death, TSOL, and drag it through the hot southern sun until it blisters and bursts. Super good!
Zex - easy, breezy poppy punk played by ladies and gentlemen in studded leather jackets.
Integrity - I mean, c'mon man. It's a live version of 'Dawn Of The New Apocalypse' off their high water mark record, complete with requisite "Cleveland is violent" stage banter...exactly what you want from Integrity!


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