Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nirvana - MTV Live 'n Loud 12-13-93

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1993

Hey, remember these guys? What ever happened to them? Seemed like they were poised for big success, and then...poof, they just up and disappeared Probably got feed up with trying to "make it" and just went and got real jobs. Maybe somebody let them know that there was a band called Bush that had already beat them to it (Candlebox too for that matter).

Well, anyway, regardless, there was this one time they were on television, Mtv to be precise, and they broadcast this 10 song concert. Which was pretty cool for Mtv back in those years...and would be pretty cool now, assuming they actually played music. Not too long ago a dvd collection of this show was released that has the entire set including bonus tracks and stuff. You can go buy that, assuming there are still stores that sell music (maybe Mtv.com sells music...who knows, the interweb is a mysterious and beguiling place that I tend to steer clear from), but for now right now, you can listen to these choice cuts from a band that narrowly missed their window to stardom. If only...huh?


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Anonymous said...

Hope you're kidding.There may have been that slight matter of Kurt's suicide?

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