Sunday, August 2, 2015

American Heritage - Millenarian

Label: Translation Lost
Year: 2006

Keelhaul vs. Mastodon vs. Capricorns...essentially.
Otherwise, it's a really big, loud, brutal, twisting, complex, heavy, ugly briar patch of gut punching riff after riff after riff, accompanied by a rhythm section more akin to road construction than your average rock band. It's math rock turned up to maximum volume and run through a series of distortion pedals.
Later American Heritage eschewed vocals for the most part, and while this one is chocked full of them, it's got he most bellowing and yelling of any of their releases I can think of.
Good music to soundtrack your next backyard demolition derby themed party (which, by the way...where's the invite?)
Recorded and mixed by Sanford Parker, and mastered by Scott Hull, which only adds to the punishment.


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