Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Highway Cross -Open Eyes 7"

Label: Cricket Cemetery
Year: 2015

I was impressed the last time I heard Highway Cross, which was not that long ago mind you, but it tickled my fancy enough to write about it here, so for the sake of historical context please feel free to go back and read that first. I'll wait.
Back? Great.
Well then, if you liked the post hardcore bluster of the last one, then I feel pretty confident you will be able to follow the band's slight directional shift into looser, more rocking and less hardcore direction. They still keep one foot firmly in the world of punk rock (the foot that's on the gas pedal), but the other foot has taken a step back (in time) to a more stripped down garage rock rave-up sound. You'll know it when you hear it. When I hear it, I like it.
Good, hard charging, no frills, catchy shit. Dirty deeds done...


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