Monday, July 20, 2015

Lesbian - Power Hor

Label: Holy Mountain
Year: 2007

Instrumental (mostly), sludgy, post-rocky, aggressive, varied, epic, spaced, loud, blackened metal. Four really long songs worth of it. Four really long songs that tend to pull in you in and make you forget where or when they started as they progress from idea to idea. It's grounded in that peculiar strain of USBM that comes out of the Pacific Northwest, but only tangentially. Like, you could understand how they might do a show with Wolves In The Throne Room, or just as easily, Thrones. Or, if you imagined Godspeed You! Black Emperor plugging in and letting it rip, than you can imagine this (which, by the way, GY!BE was one of the heaviest, doomiest live experiences I've ever seen...sidebar). You know?


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