Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Barren Womb - The Sun's Not Yellow, It's Chicken

Label: Spartan
Year: 2014

On account of that Highway Cross post down there, I figured I'd go ahead and thro this one out there for your consideration as well as they share a certain similar strain of DNA.
In Barren Womb's case, they take raucous garage rock and run it through a series of distortion pedals in an effort to warp the melody just within comprehension, but certainly buried beneath a fog of thundering bass and feedback. They play it straight on occasion, which yields a particularly Scandinavian version of rocking hardcore. Like Refused, like Division Of Laura Lee, like old Hives, like some Turbonegro. But then they will drop the "fun" and take a turn into growling Botch-styled chaos-core. Rarely are they solidly on one side of that chasm or another, they mostly ping pong back in forth taking elements from either end of the spectrum.
Barren Womb are a two piece, drums and guitar, but they've managed a full, dense sound that belies their minimal demographic. It's admirable that they can economize such that you'll never "miss" any element that you would maybe think you would ("Dude, no bass? No noise rock." Yeah yeah).


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