Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Desafinado - Sunset Commision Remasters

Label: Sunset Commission
Year: 2015

Brought to our attention (thankfully) by bassist Tony Bice, this collection represents the full output of this short-lived Austin band as resurrected and transferred to digital by drummer Paul Stautinger. That includes a song off the Cinco Anos compilation, one song off the split 7" with Windsor For The Derby, and two songs not previously released(?). Maybe we can get a verification on that?

The personnel of the band includes the aforementioned Tony Bice who was in Johnboy, the aforementioned Paul Stautinger who was in Sweet Pea and Lord High Fixers, Barry Stone also of Johnboy,  and David Jones, Barry Jones, and Aaron Winslow who were I'm sure in other bands somewhere at some point. But, it's important that you not go into this thinking that you're going to get some bombastic noise rock a la Johnboy or Sweet Pea. Not the case. What you will get are four incredibly well composed post rock swells that play off the mathy time signatures of noise rock and incorporate some later period Fugazi kind of feels, but minus the distortion (mostly) and snarling and all that. Not to say there isn't a particularly menacing tone to Desafinado, because there is, and it does "rock" if that's a concern. It's a valid concern, so I understand. Just know that you won't be disappointed with these four songs, so long as you go in with an open mind. Trust us.



Anonymous said...

I bugged Paul for .wav's of Desafinado ages ago but they sound a little different from these versions. So happy they got a proper release, happy to pay for them too.

There are also four more songs from a demo tape but I think Paul lost the masters and they only exist as low-bitrate .mp3's. They're terrific and well worth looking out for complete johnboy obsessives.

Speaking of Johnboy, a compilation would be very much appreciated. calYx, the split with Quitters Club, the "definitive version" of 10w40 - any live recordings or alternate versions would be welcome.

If Barry or Tony read this - thank you for being the most important band in my life.

Anonymous said...

Fuck!!!-I didn't know-I like JOHNBOY a lot and ruled int he 90's...Thanks for this post,I keep an eye in these side-projects noise-noise-noise R

Anonymous said...

Hey gents. Paul S. here. I stumbled onto this and thought I'd let you know that I have a live recording I made direct from the board in Warren OH. I'm happy to share. Email is my last name @gmail.

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