Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hive Bent - Dyatlov

Label: New Day Rising
Year: 2014

Two years ago, almost exactly two years ago to the day, we sang the praises of Hive Bent and their volatile mix of all the best noise rock elements all coming together at once inside your head until your head can no longer accept any more elements of any kind, at which time it collapses in on itself under the sheer mass of Hive Bent. We said that. Sorta.
Well now, here we are, older, wiser, fatter, and still regaling all within earshot of Hive Bent and how they are making our hearts swell to the joyful noise. Sorta.
Five songs this time. Still just two people making all the racket this time. A more pronounced Enemymine vibe this time. Still ruthless this time and it would appear every other time into the foreseeable future.
A personal favorite.


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