Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bad Drugs - Raw Powder

Label: Rotted Tooth
Year: 2011

I like a good play on words as much as the next guy, so going with "Raw Powder" as your album title already has you endearing yourself to me. Calling a song "Chilling In The Name Of" only further cements it.
But (let's talk about your big butt), you gotta back it up with some substance right? Some cajones, or something. So, Bad Drugs choose to back it up with a brand of noise rock that blisters paint, sands it down, and then snorts that lead-based shit right back up their noses. Not approved for old people. They hail from Chicago, but you would be excused if you thought they were another product of the Rhode Island School of Design. They bury lots and lots of elements deep inside a thick blanket of noise and skuzz, creating a legitimate cacophony of  swirling sounds. No demented noise is left off the menu here.
Vinyl is limited to 300 copies, so if you hurry, or know "somebody" there could be one or two left?


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