Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Cure - The Head On The Door

Label: Fiction
Year: 1985

Today we show our softer side, which is, of course, a euphemism for our vaginas.
But, if you can't admit to being vulnerable enough to enjoy the occasional sullen pop majesty of The Cure, well then, you need to get in touch with your feelings Bro.
Honestly, this post comes about after reading the Touch And Go compendium over the last few weeks, especially the record reviews, whereupon Tesco Vee writes up both The Cure AND Discharge in the same issue. And he likes both! It reminded me of those glorious years when the lines between sub-sub-sub genres was less important than, "is it any good?". Underground music was united under an umbrella of "does this get played on the radio? No? Great."
Case in point, I had a cassette tape (remember) of The Cure's "Standing On The Beach" singles compilation on the A-side and GBH's "City Baby Attacked By Rats" (Sick Boy!) on the flip. Seemed perfectly normal to me. Even had to justify it once on the bus in middle school when my local skinhead buddy Monte Smith (now a poet and crusader for racial justice....look it up) was listening to my Walkman (remember those) and when the GBH side ended he flipped the tape and got all pissed that I had The Cure on there. I had to explain to him that we're all in the same gang (West Coast Rap All-Stars reference! The first of the day!), and that while yes, there are sonic differences between the glorious roar of GBH and the dark melodies of The Cure, but ultimately it's eliciting a similar response, which is the joy of music in and of itself. Two sides to a coin kind of shit.
We posted "Pornography" some years back, so I suppose the floodgates are already open, but here's a more poppy record for you and your girlfriend to bond over.


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Peter Tron said...

heh! i liked the 'West Coast Rap All-Stars' reference :)

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