Friday, March 13, 2015

Scrog - Discography

Label: New Granada
Year: 2004

This one is sort of a "friendship test" record (not unlike the Kinghorse lp). You "get it", or you think I'm an idiot. Although, it's fair to say that you might both "get it" AND think I'm an idiot, and you wouldn't be completely wrong.
Also, special thanks/shout out to my main man Phil "fuckin'" D for helping me get this (again). I have had this and lost it more times than I care to remember. Even though I have all the 7"s, having the discography all together is certainly handy...a real time saver.
So anyway, who the fuck are Scrog?
Well, I'll tell you. In the early 90's there was this band from Tampa, Florida who decided to play loud music. But not the typical "Tampa" loud music, which of course was death metal (holla atcha boy, Morrisound!), they were playing a strain of southern sludge inflected with a strain of southern weirdness. Like, early Eyehategod, but with start/stop time changes, and softer passages to set off the big riffs. The results were big. Big, and heavy. Super heavy.
You hear elements of other bands in Scrog's sound, but you won't hear another band that sounds like Scrog. Especially then. The Melvins are a good touchstone, but Scrog doesn't share their sense of humor. Floor (the old Floor) is another good touchstone, as is that Eyehategod reference I threw out a second ago. But there's more to Scrog than just the gnarly sludge and feedbacking wall of amps, there was a fractured vulnerability to the songs, a slight beam of light piercing the ink black pummel.
Listen to "Hands Hide Sun" and get back to me.
Also, this one goes out to anyone lucky enough to find themselves in a "Scrog pile" sometime circa 1993 or thereabouts. I only saw them once, at a house show in Atlanta that they felt the need to loading multiple full stacks for. Louder than possible. So good!
Included are all the 7"s except the first one, "Old", which I think the band decided wasn't "that good" or something, and a few compilation tracks. Eighteen songs and a voicemail message touting the underappreciated genius of the band.



winston95 said...

Um, actually got the Kinghorse LP if you are interested... I think they had a single after that but may have went defunct before it hit the stores. Still have the 3"x5" they mailed in anticipation - lost my $3 of money order that went unanswered...

Anonymous said...

i thought the floor was going to cave in at the godless red house during this show. "back in the day" i had all the 7" stuff but you had the magical cassette tape i never had. before this cd came out i was actually in discussions with a couple people about releasing a discography myself. a follow up to my disastrous hankshaw cd, for the ultimate in tampa lolz.

-love, phil.

Anonymous said...

i also just now realized, after having this cd for years and loving it, that it says diSCROGraphy. i also just mailed it to myke-ctown with a handful of other cds cuz i no longer own a cd player. love-phil

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